The car insurance is due, and you are looking for a cheap deposit package. Hardly surprising is it, insuring a car is not usually cheap these days. However, we have no choice but to buy it, so let's try and find you the best inexpensive deal, with a low deposit, that we can.

It's entirely possible to buy car insurance in 12 months equal payments making your deposit one twelfth of the total premium. To make things even better, these repayments can be paid by credit card, which means that you only have to actually settle up for the payments yourself a month or so later. There are pitfalls however; car insurance companies are not noted for being charitable so some of them are more than happy to let you pay on a monthly basis, but they charge you a lot extra for it. Some other companies however are more anxious to get your business, knowing that once they have given you a good service you are likely to stay with them, so they are not as grasping. What you need to do is compare as many cheap deposit deals as you can, so that you can pick the best one out for yourself.


You hardly need reminding that the cheapest price is not always the best bargain, and all insurance policies are different. Sometimes, little things like increasing your voluntary excess a little can make a huge difference to your premium, and some companies will throw in such benefits as free legal representation in the event of an accident, courtesy cars whilst your own is off the road, protected no claims bonuses etc. have a search engine which not only allows you to compare the lowest quotes from many of the biggest, and more specialist, insurers in the UK, and see how much monthly payments would be, but also allow you to experiment with such variables as higher voluntary excesses or lower yearly mileages to see what difference they can make to your premium.

Do remember when getting a quotation that sometimes the difference between the price of fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft cover is not very great; and there are even occasions when fully comprehensive policies are actually cheaper than TFTP ones, despite the extra benefits that they offer! This is because many people who buy TFTP policies are younger drivers with cheaper cars that they probably do not care for as well as those with more valuable vehicles, and so there are more claims against these policies than against comprehensive ones. If money is tight and you are tempted to go for the minimum possible level of cover, at least get a quote for comprehensive cover as well, and you may be pleasantly surprised with your cheap deposit car insurance deal.

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